Still New on the Blog o.O

Please everybody excuse my pre-ürofessional blog-posts!
I´m still a noob on this “non-3D” pre-utopic FNORD



14 Responses to “Still New on the Blog o.O”

  1. MC Doc "Spidermarcus" Ock Says:

    your translator seem to mailfunction, sry o.O

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  2. MC Doc "Spidermarcus" Ock Says:

    Just worship me, that will be alright (y)


  3. MC Doc "Spidermarcus" Ock Says:

    i really don´t know, Mr. Is there a discount?

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  4. MC Doc "Spidermarcus" Ock Says:

    Exactly, Autofinanzierungcom pw!

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  5. MC Doc "Spidermarcus" Ock Says:

    “I don’t know much about Art, but I know what I like!” John Cleese quoting Gelett Burgess

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  6. MC Doc "Spidermarcus" Ock Says:

    Verbindlichsten Dank, liebe Autofinanzierung! Sehr erfrischend!

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  7. autofinanzierung Says:

    He might be bi-polar; a 1,500 page manifesto sounds like someone writing things down while in a manic state or made up of successive writings compiled during manic phases. He also seems to have augmented his grandiose feelings with steroids which he probably found enjoyable and gave him an enhanced sense of being on a mission of world importance.Although he seems extremely focused and rational on the surface, being able to explain his own personal logic and carrying out his actions in a methodical manner, there's a disturbed person at the core.

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  8. Says:

    I like this web site very much so much superb info . “The need to write comes from the need to make sense of one’s life and discover one’s usefulness.” by John Cheever.

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  9. kfz versicherung preisvergleich Says:

    Åh, jag vet inte varför du inte ser några bilder. Får kolla upp det. Tråkigt om du inte ser några ju. Har du testat att bara uppdatera sidan eller nåt sånt enkelt? Ibland kan ju saker o ting haka upp sig. Eller så kanske du måste göra någon uppdatering? Jag får kolla lite mer på det. Hoppas du hunnit lyssna lite på låtlistan nu i alla fall =)

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  10. Says:

    whether they have obtained sync licenses for their videos.So does your new arrangement with the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) and its subsidiary Harry Fox Agency (HFA) help to clarify this, or are you still dealing with just mechanical licenses and not synchronization licenses?

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  11. Says:

    unbelievable. … unbelievable. thanks so much! i could almost feel myself becoming your harem slave. my own thoughts meant nothing. goddess – You have a gift… i worship You.

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  12. Says:

    Hello there Nice blog. Do you need to visitor publish in my own sometime? If that¡¯s the case please tell me by means of email or perhaps reply to this particular comment simply due to the fact My partner and my spouse and i actually enrolled in notices and can realize should you.

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  13. MC Doc "Spidermarcus" Ock Says:

    well, it was time to get some experience in blogging… somewhere you´ll have to make the first step, and somewhen you´ll reget it and than “have fun to explain” things come up… lol
    Check out my new Posts! pls :)

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  14. Roxie Says:

    Halljlueah! I needed this-you’re my savior.

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