Unter dem Fernsehturm in NewBERLIN — GNC – das German Newbie Center in NewBERLIN, Secondlife

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via Unter dem Fernsehturm in NewBERLIN — GNC – das German Newbie Center in NewBERLIN, Secondlife


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11 Responses to “Unter dem Fernsehturm in NewBERLIN — GNC – das German Newbie Center in NewBERLIN, Secondlife”

  1. MC Doc "Spidermarcus" Ock Says:

    strange wise i know that feeling, Immobilienkreditrechner!


  2. MC Doc "Spidermarcus" Ock Says:

    So ein Billig-Bot hat leider total die Schwierigkeiten mit unseren Umlauten hier, aber Hällö, liebe … Finanzierungsrechnerde….? LOL too funny name! ^^


  3. MC Doc "Spidermarcus" Ock Says:

    ahhhh… no se


  4. MC Doc "Spidermarcus" Ock Says:

    That´s what i say! (y)


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    Primeiramente Dr.Osmar, se o garoto vingar o Palmeiras como clube formador sempre levará 5% em qlqer negociação feita por ele. Segundo bom negócio fez o Corinthians q vendeu Elias e Juciley a preço de “bananas” e fez a recisão do goleiro Felipe ao vivo em rede nacional provocando o maior vexame.Por fim e não menos importante, o Sr. inclui os 650 milhões pra construir o estádio como dívida moral do “timão” para com a sociedade????????

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    I thought the SAT math was made harder in the new 2006 test? They added some higher level algebra 2 material, amongst other things, if I recall correctly.Anyway, making the SAT math test harder is a pretty bad way of closing the Asian-white gap. Just look at a really tough math test, like the AIME. The Asian-white gap is pretty significant on that, considering that in recently years something like 55-60% of USAMO qualifiers are of East Asian descent.

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  8. http://finanzierungsrechnerde.pw/index.html Says:

    Hi Jo!Vielen Dank für Deinen Beitrag – ich habe noch eine Lizenz übrig, die ich Dir später gerne schicken werde Viel Spaß damit und beste Grüße,Ben

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  9. immobilienkreditrechner Says:

    PS – Britt – we just addressed that very issue in studying Esther this week… very cool stuff – I’ll make copies of that part of the study for you if you want – very inspiring as well!

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  11. Dasia Says:

    That’s cleared my thoughts. Thanks for cobutintring.

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